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Survivors of the Shield Memories book Program


Survivors of the shield (SOS) is asking for your help in writing a book filled with your Memories about Sergeant Paul Tuozzolo of the 43rd Precinct New York City Police Department.

The book will be titled “Paul’s Stories”.

This book is for Paul’s children, for his boys as they grow into adults, His boys will never know their dad as you did. Will you please help us, to help them know what kind of a person Paul was.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for you to share your war stories, The fond memories you have of him,  for your pictures of Paul at work or after work. We are looking for news articles and anything you would like to share with his children who are so young now, they won’t remember this time in their life.   If you didn’t know Paul well, you can share this page so others who did can share their stories with his children.

This book will not be published; it is for private family use.

It is so important for Children to know their parents through the eyes of friends, family and co-workers.

Not only will it provide a connection but also an understanding or a completeness into the lives their parents led through the words of others.  Help us build this book for Paul’s children.

Remember, there is no book with out your memories.

The book Pictured here, is similar to the type of hard cover book we are making.   The book, Joe’s stories was received by the children of Detective Joseph Vigiano.

Some of the people in this book have since passed on. Their stories are forever with Joe’s children.  Keep your memories of Paul forever with Paul’s children.


“I thought it was so awesome to put stories of Joes life reflected by his friends and partners in a book.
Wished my mom made my father a part of our lives more especially when we were young. We really don’t know our dad.
This is wonderful and will be so treasured by his children. Memories and stories are so important!!!!”

Deborah Piagentini, Daughter of Joseph Piagentini Killed in the Line of Duty on Friday May 21,1971

 “My kids were young (eight, six and three months old when their father was killed) I’m sorry to say they don’t remember any of it or their Dad.  I’m am thankful for the guys Joe worked with, the friends and family that were so generous they shared their memories of Joe so my boys could know their Dad as they did”  Kathy Vigiano, widow of Detective Joseph Vigiano


Please send all correspondence to;

Sergeants Benevolent Association
C/O Paul Capotosto, Tuozzolo stories
35 Worth Street
New York, NY 10013

You can also

Share your story in the comment section below. It will be added to the book.
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Survivors of the Shield • Church Street Station • PO Box 436 • New York • NY • 10008-0436

3 thoughts on “SOS Book Program”

  1. Great idea. Paul was in my academy company 97-68. He sat behind in class, he was quiet and funny Always had a smile on his face. He used to always tell me “Dave knock it off we are gonna get in trouble ” I would mumble stuff under my breath to the instructors that made Paul laugh and nervous lmao ! I lost touch with Paul over the 20 years but I worked with several guys who had worked under him in the 43 pct ,,, everyone of them loved him said “great boss” ” gentleman ” they all said they were happy to see him at work because he was a cops cop! He never let the rank or the job change him, that’s rare nowadays and a great measure of a man. Lastly , quiet man was truly a brave hero ! He impacted so many life’s and I personally enjoy hearing people speak of him in such high regardless! Well done classmate and rest easy Sarge !

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