License Plates

New York State Survivors of the Shield License Plates

Survivors of the Shield license plates were created to honor our fallen Officers. These Officers sacrificed their lives for the people of the State of New York.  Survivors of the Shield license plates are issued to the parents, spouses and children of Police Officers who made this ultimate sacrifice while in the performance of their duty in the State of New York.  The names of these Officers are forever remembed on the Police Officers Memorial wall in Albany. 

Your vehicle must already be registered in New York.  You may choose up to 4 numbers only, no letters.  Plate numbers requested may not be available.  Your information will be received by the board of Survivors of the Shield and kept confidential.

Step 1. Fill out the NYS DMV Application for Custom Plates CP-30 (9/20). It is a picture plate.  DMV Website: Click here for link . 

Step 2. Scan copy of your current New York State Vehicle registration. 

Step 3. Scan Registration and DMV custom plate form send them to us along with the following information. 

Your name: First and Last

The Officers Name: First and Last

The Officers date of death: if he had retired please provide his retirement date, month and year.

Your relation to the officer: Widow, Widower, Mother ect.

Officers Department: NYPD, Nassau PD, Suffolk PD etc.

Officers Command:

Phone Number:

In the subject line write: SOS PLATE APPLICATION




Enclose check:  made out to NYS department of Motor Vehicles and mail to us at:

Survivors of the Shield
Church Street Station
PO Box 436
New York, NY 10008-0436

Important: You certify all information to be true. Any false information will be may be cause for revocation of Survivors of the Shield NYS license plates.

Step 4.  Sign and Date the SOS Consent form.  This will be e-mailed to you after your approval for plates.