Apply for Survivors of the Shield scholarships for 2021-2022

Survivors of the Shield (SOS) offers financial assistance for higher education (undergraduate, graduate,
vocational or technical school) to widows/widowers and children of officers who died in the Line of
Duty and who are full members of SOS.  Scholarships are based on the funds available and the
number of applications we receive for any given year.  Applications are accepted from May 1st through
August 1st and will be awarded by the end of August.  Scholarships will be awarded for a maximum of
4 years.
You must apply for all other scholarships prior to applying for the SOS scholarship.  The application
must be complete with an N/A answer for any questions that do not apply.  If you are eligible for
money from another organization and do not list this on the application you may not be considered for
the SOS scholarship.  If you need assistance with any of the scholarships, please view the booklet
from Family Assistance or email us and we will try and get you the answers.
Anyone attending a New York State public college should be receiving 100% of their tuition and room
and board if living on campus.  Anyone attending a private NYS College will receive the equivalent of
the public college tuition towards the private college tuition.  This is through the NYS Memorial
Scholarship (HESC) and is paid directly to the college.

Please complete the application in its entirety in order to be considered. If we have questions
we will contact you by email.

For more information on Scholarships that maybe available to you follow this link > Click here



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