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To provide support and assistance to the widows widowers and children of NYPD police officers killed in the performance of their duty.


Police Officer Jason Rivera, 32 Precinct
End of Tour January 21, 2022

To Honor and Remember Police Officer Jason Rivera

The loss of a spouse is devastating, as a widow of a NYPD Police Officer the loss is public.
Yesterday newly married Dominique Rivera, lost her husband to a senseless act of violence against her husband because he was a New York City Police Officer.
Police Officer Jason Rivera who was only 22 years old was executed in the Line of Duty.
Jason was her first love, they met at the young age of 5 and started dating at 15. Married only 4 months, their life together was just starting.
Survivors of the Shield is raising funds and will donate 100% of all donations to Dominique for her immediate and long term financial needs. 🙏 Dominique you are in our thoughts and prayers.🙏💔

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